Garden services

Housekeepers can provide you with a light gardening service. Please allow plenty of time for this service if work has not been undertaken for some time or if there is tidying up to be done prier to commencing the job in question. If any of the tasks given are beyond your cleaner’s capabilities we might (with your prior consent) substitute a handy man or gardener.

All trimmings can be removed at an additional hourly rate.

Lawn mowing

We can arrange for lawn mowing to be undertaken. If a specialist requirement such as grass striping is needed, a specialist gardener will be required at an additional cost.

Hedge cutting

The hedge must be no taller than 4.5 feet tall. This is so the cleaner won't have to use stool or ladder. If the hedge is over this height we will arrange for a gardener to do this whilst your cleaner is on the site.


To enable your plants to be moved please provide your cleaner with compost and bigger pots, any special requirements can be discussed directly with the cleaner.  If preferred, a dedicated gardener can be provided at additional cost.

Garden waste removal

We can arrange to remove general garden waste, please contact us for a quote.


We do require plenty of notice for this task as your normal cleaner might not be able to carry out this task on their own and might require additional help or a dedicated gardener might be required.